Real Estate / Residential & Landlord & Tenant

Stavros S. Skenderis is a New York real estate attorney who focuses his practice on real property and landlord/tenant law. He is a veteran attorney with diverse experience, including all aspects of civil, commercial, and criminal law. Mr. Skenderis is committed to advocating for his clients’ rights, serving New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester.

New York Real Estate / Landlord & Tenant Lawyer Stavros S. Skenderis

Real estate law covers all aspects of buying or selling real property.  Our office has experience handling all aspects of real estate matters for clients looking to buy or sell a home. He understands that a home represents one of the largest investments individuals can make. That is why he is committed to answering all of your questions and making sure that you understand all the terms of your buying or selling agreement.

Mr. Skenderis has also handled a variety of matters related to landlord/tenant issues. He has represented clients on both sides of the landlord/tenant relationship, and has the necessary knowledge to advise his clients on any housing matter. Whether you are a landlord who needs guidance on collection procedures in court or a tenant with a rental agreement dispute, Mr. Skenderis is able to handle all of aspects of landlord/tenant matters.

For businesses, buying, selling, and protecting your property is critical for maintaining the health of your company. Stavros S. Skenderis has advised corporate clients on all aspects of commercial real estate matters, ranging from insurance needs to buying and selling agreements.